PC Fix It Free offers a brand new and unique computer repair service that is equal to or better than the old brick & mortar business model.  We aim to provide 100% free PC repair services to anyone in need of them.


In fact, we do not accept payments, donations, or any other form of currency from our visitors.  We rely 100% on our ability to negotiate "no cost", "Lite versions" and "trial versions" of the best-in-class software solutions from the world leaders in computer maintenance software.  If you decide to upgrade to a paid version at a later date, that is entirely up to you.  You have no obligations to do so.  We fix it free now, you decide the rest.  That's it, simple.  So join us in a revolution to build new market expectations, and FIX IT FREE!


Our Promise To Each Visitor

  1. All links on our site are linked back to the original developers website (this eliminates the risk of adware or spyware being attached).
  2. We will only post a software solution on this website, if we have downloaded it on our own PCs.
  3. We will never pressure a visitor to buy anything, period.
  4. We will do our best to negotiate additional free solutions from even more world leading maintenance software providers.
  5. We will be here 24/7, when you need us the most.



Your PC-FIF Team