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pc fix it for freeIf you're like us, your phones' email app probably contains some very sensitive information.  And if your like us, you probably use your phones' default email app to manage your Gmail account.  Independent of our preference for Apple products or Android products, we typically allow our phones' set-up programs to manage all of our accounts when we get a new phone.  This could be a snoopers dream come true!  Why?  For starters, you have countless confidential emails from friends and family, possible even your current login information and password for all of your credit cards and banking accounts, right?   Not to mention any candid pictures, private email contacts, snide comments you regret making about someone, or who knows what else...   So what if someone out there has acquired your username and password and has secretly been snooping your email from another device?  Scary thought, right?  And even scarier, if they already have access to your account, how would you ever know?  Even scarier thought!


The truth is, this happens quite a bit!  As most of us get in the bad habit of only checking our Gmail accounts from our smart phones, the potential for unknown snooping increases exponentially.  If this describes your phone activity, you should keep reading...  All of us should periodically log into Gmail through a web browser to utilize some free security tools from Google.   Google gives us the tools necessary to find out some vital information about our account access.  And Google couldn't make it easier.  If you want to check and see if someone is snooping your Gmail account, follow these simple steps below.


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To begin, log into your Gmail account from your computer's Webgmail security browser (not using email programs, not using your smart phone, etc). Once you get to your INBOX screen, scroll to the very bottom, and look for the link labeled "Details" in the lower-right corner. (Look closely to find it: It's really small, and most people don't even see it.) This is your private periscope into your Gmail account timeline...

Click the "details"  link within Gmail, and you'll get a pop-up window that shows the last 10 times you (or someone else) has accessed your Gmail account.


Now The Detective Work Begins . . .

There is some very useful information in this tool.  You can review exactly how the account was accessed (through a browser, an email app, smart phone, etc.), the access point IP address used to access it, and most importantly, when it was accessed with a time-stamp.  If the IP address is from a foreign country, unlisted, or otherwise outside of your normal use, you need to take action. 

Need to identify your IP address -  check the side-bar to the right - we've auto-detected it for you.

This is probably the best place to begin your investigation if you suspect nefarious activities within your Gmail account.  If you do see something suspicious, click on the "Show details" link within the Access Type column for detailed information.  Using these free tools from time to time can help you discern the difference between a Gmail snooper and regular Gmail activities.


If anything looks suspicious, you'll want to make some changes quickly!  First, change your password immediately!   And second, you may want to turn on Gmail's two-factor authentication for your Google account and give yourself an extra layer of protection.  And there you have, it, a secret weapon to help protect your private data, and hopefully identify the snooper.  And the best part, it's totally free!

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