About Us

Welcome to PC-FIF!  Looking for PC repair help?  We offer world-class (and completely free) PC tools and scans, easy to use Do-It-Yourself guides, and in-house solution to help fix the most common PC problems.

Scans & Trails

PC FIF was launched for a very specific reason; to provide the masses with the opportunity to try various software packages before the decision to purchase.  If the software works as advertised, that’s great – it’s worth the money.  But what if it doesn’t?  Not so great, right?   Similar to the automotive industry, we should be able to “test drive” a software product before paying for it.  So why is it that some software developers offer a trail version and others don’t?   Microsoft sure does, they offer a few months of free MS Office when you purchase a new computer.  Anti-virus companies do the same on a new machine.  As we discovered, the simple answer is that the far majority of developers do offer free trials, but not a lot of people know about them.  That’s where PC FIF comes in.


We contact individual software developers and request a trial or lite version of their products for testing (or a trial period) at no cost.   Large or small applications, operating systems or small accessories, we want them.  We want to test them against their own performance standards, and see if they are worth the money.  And if they are, we will showcase them on our site.  If they are not, you will not see them on our site.  Pretty simple.


Sure, the developers are going to do everything that can do to earn your business after a trail period ends (as they should).  But the ultimate decision to purchase is an individual one, best left to the owner of the wallet.   We will do our very best to find a way to offer the world’s best software solutions in a free or next to free offer once you decide to purchase.  If we can’t offer a deep discount and a free trail, you will not find it on our site.    Our services, by the way, are always free for our visitors.


A quick note on trial periods.  The trial periods range from a brief 1-time free scan, to a full 3 months (very typical).  Very different strategies, but what works from one developer might not work for another.  Consider the trial period an interview, and let them show you what the can offer you.  That’s the way it should be, a “test drive”, just like purchasing a new car.

DIY Guides & Videos

We also want to bring you free DIY guides to handle the general issues you may face.  We try to concentrate of a few each month, mainly around a specific theme (speeding you your machine, solving storage issues, etc.).  Check back with us each month for new content and new DIYs.


Enjoy your stay with PC FIF, We are confident that whatever solution you may be looking for, we can offer up a free resolution.