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#1 Most Requested - "My PC, It's Just Not Fast Anymore.  How Can You Guys Help?"

#2 Babylon Outbreak Update - "How Do I Get Rid Of Babylon Search Bar In My Internet Browser?  It Keeps Coming Back!"

#3 How Can I Tell If Someone Has My Email Password, and How Do I Identify them?"


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PC Fix It Free's goal is to enable you to fix the most common computer problems without the need to pull out your wallets...  Seriously, we can help find free solutions.  We offer many tools (10-minute tune-up, quick-tips videos, and many others to help explain what the problem is).  Always free, always verified and always presented in a non-technical format.

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View PC Fix It Free's list of free tools and software that can provide everything from productivity solutions to computer maintenance.  Trail software is exactly that, free to use at no charge.  We have reviewed thousands of trail products and believe that a lot of them are extremely useful.  Others, not so much...  We can help sift the garbage from the pearls.

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PC Fix It Free - Know when to cut bait...

Sure, there is a time to throw in the towel and contact a professional computer tech to solve a serious problem.  Computers do experience hardware failures as well as systemic software issues.  Knowing the difference between a quick software fix and a hardware failure is key.  We can help you determine the time to cut bait and throw in the towel.

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